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"Your Alternative To The Norm."

Julie and Mark are non-traditionally traditional.

That oxymoron may seem confusing, but to those that know them, it fits them perfectly. Both have been married before, so the truly extravagant wedding day was unnecessary in their eyes. However, they still wanted to showcase their love to everyone, as well as commemorate the occasion for themselves. And Julie was still your excited and exuberant bride. And as said bride, she wanted a day with all the trimmings.

Vows. Cakes. And of course, portraits. And she wanted the day told in such a way that her and her husband could show family and friends the magic of the day, without going all out on the day. Insert a great photographer…well…me!

We met at The Governor’s Mansion in Baton Rouge, and we let her dreams and visions unfold. And Mark kept a smile then entire time as he knew his ultimate goal was to give his wife what she wanted. And that is what we accomplished, giving them

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