About Boudoir

What is Dangerously Delicate?

It is for the woman who has worn so many costumes, roles, that along the way she has forgotten what her true nature. It’s for the working, professional woman who is constantly holding herself back for fear of outside opinions… who desires to be accepted by a society plagued with double standards… who measures herself to a standard she knows is not real, but strives for it any ways… who finally decides to turn her back on all of this and puts HERSELF FIRST. You are Dangerously Delicate. For inside of you is a strength and burning desire that no one will ever understand, at the same time while being fragile and needing the comfort to be you without reservation, without restraint, but most of all without concern

Ready To Open Your Bedroom Eyes?

We start every boudoir experience with a short questionnaire to tailor your session to your specific needs and requests. After completing the contract which outlines requirements as well as allows you to determine if you want your images displayed, or kept private Sessions occur Mondays – Fridays, and the time depends on your availability. After the session we schedule your reveal one week later, which gives you the opportunity to take advantage of our Friend Voucher, which can be used to earn you credits towards your print order. During the reveal you select the images you want to order and print. All images that aren’t purchased will be purged, insuring we only provide with what you absolutely love.


Most of our boudoir experiences and products are priced a la carte in order to provide you with packages that meet your individual needs. Sessions start at $399 and other packages include hair and makeup from our professional staff, as well as our personal products we specialize in, Forget Me Nots & our Delicate Memories Collection. We also offer albums, prints, wall art, metal wall art, and many other options. The average total investment has been around $1500.

For a full pricing menu, to schedule a consultation, or ready to book, complete the form below!

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