Prince Photography, LLC.

"Your Alternative To The Norm."

What can I say about two eccentric people that everyone doesn’t already know about them?

AJ + Courtney are in love. That’s easy to tell from all that spend 5 minutes with them, or pay attention to their social media spats. So getting that was not the challenge. What was the challenge was getting them to break the mold, the norm, and showcasing who they truly are in photos. But The Alternative To The Norm was just the right person for the task.

Once I got them to accept that this was not going to be no boring, mundane, look at the camera smile and kiss type of day, it became easy for them to be their simplest, most purest forms…themselves. And by the end, we all had fun. And if they didn’t try and kill us all by having us in the summer heat, we would have probably still been out their laughing and joking.

Even great photo sessions come to an end. But true love, well, the party never stops

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