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"Your Alternative To The Norm."

New Year, New Me…literally!

Not that I’m a completely different person, I’m still the same man that can’t help but make you scream DAMMIT DJ at times. But by new me, I mean new approach to the business. You see, I am Prince Photography, and Prince Photography is me. I often compare it to one of my favorite comic book characters. DJ is Bruce Wayne, reserved (hush!), flamboyant, but about his business. But Prince Photography, well, that’s Batman. The wilder, more assertive side, and very linear about the direction and goals he’s headed in. And Batman has a new utility belt.

Prince Photography Boudoir and our brand Bedroom Eyes have become household names. I am completely honored and humbled by each and everyone of you for that. But along the way, I have noticed some reservation towards boudoir. Some see the word “sexy” and associate it with negative connotations. Others are too worried and concerned about what others think or will view them. These hindrances not only keep them away from our studio, it keeps them from being them. I market myself as catering to every woman, but never truly accepted or defined what it is to be a woman. And this year…that changes.

So what does it mean to be Dangerously Delicate?

No, I can never tell any woman what it is to be a lady, feminine, or a woman for that matter. That is why I, as a male, left that out of the description. But what I can do is take the struggles I see women overcoming every day, take the triumphs that have been proclaimed to me, and the dreams and fantasies that have been shared with me, and combine them into one phrase to which I feel accurately describes the core of each woman that I envision, with the intent of expressing my vision through them.

Dangerously Delicate.


It’s for the working, professional woman who is constantly holding herself back for fear of outside opinions…who desires to be accepted by a society plagued with double standards…who measures herself to a standard she knows is not real, but strives for it any ways…who finally decides to turn her back on all of this and puts HERSELF FIRST, allowing herself to know that she is MORE than enough.

It is for the woman who has worn so many costumes, roles, that along the way she has forgotten what her true nature. For the woman who wakes up a mother as the family wants her, transitions to a wife/spouse as they rely on her, becomes a worker, boss, or entrepreneur as society requires her, a friend as others depend on her, supporter as yet others need her, and many others…all while never stopping to be a woman, and letting herself define what that means for herself, or taking the moment to live in her own fantasy, whatever it may be.

She…they…you…are Dangerously Delicate. For inside of you is a strength and burning desire that no one will ever understand, at the same time while being fragile and needing the comfort to be you without reservation, without restraint, but most of all without concern.


Boudoir is not just about taking alluring and seductive photos. It is more than just a gift to others. It is an experience. An EMPOWERMENT of self. It is an opportunity to lay down all the extra baggage and roles you wear daily, and be who you never allow yourself to be. It is a chance to discover how strong you really are while accepting how beautiful you are.


This…is Dangerously Delicate!

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