Prince Photography, LLC.

"Your Alternative To The Norm."

I love attitude and edge!

When I began Prince Photography I knew I needed to have a direction. “Your Alternative To The Norm” became more than just a saying, it was our brand, it was our way of life. It was how I expressed myself through my photography. What I wanted to convey through my photos was the true nature of love, but also a surreal take on it. So when it comes to me styling, posing, and framing a photo, I’m going for full attitude.

But I won’t shy away from true personalities.

Ask me can I take a jovial looking photo, and I will opt against it. But naturally BE jovial, and I can’t help but showcase who you are. Maybe it was the love she felt for Taylor. Maybe it was the secret surprise, well surprises, that she had in store for him this day, but Morgan would not stop smiling. Happiness is contagious, so I will attribute the sun MURDERING us that day to her smile. Because even though the heat wave never evaded us on that blazing day, neither did her smile, and that made it all worth it.

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