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Themes and I normally aren’t friends.

It’s not that I’m not against them. Bring me a well thought out and detailed theme and I am all the way in to execute. I am generally against them because they are unoriginal and non-personal. Usually when a theme is brought to me, it is because it is a current trend, someone saw someone else do it, or they are trying to imitate some celebrity. I don’t often recreate things that are another artist’s vision, and not a fan of trends because they fade, thus the significance to the couple wears off. So a majority of times when a couple brings me a theme, I reject it.

But when Paola + Oscar came to me with their idea…I knew I finally found the perfect one I could buy into.

Paola + Oscar are the definition of teenage love. Baby teenagers at that. They met in middle school and began their romance and courtship there. And ever since then they have been inseparable. So to them, they wanted to take it back to where they got their start from. And it was only right that as their love comes full circle…they take it back to where it all started.

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