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Fall is here! And that means it’s time for engagement season to take off full swing.

Reotta & Kenny were two of the most excited people to shoot their engagements that I have ever encountered. Everything HAD to be coordinated, follow an agenda, and fit with every other events and themes planned. And you know what…I loved every bit of it!

To be appreciated and respected is a beautiful thing. But to be highly sought out, demanded for, and to experience true appreciation for all you do is heartwarming and refreshing. At times, couples, clients, and customers can lose sight of what each moment means to the photographer, and that each photo does have a small representation of us in them. So to me, bringing the consumers true desire to life is it’s real reward, thus, the excitement of my clients fuel me to do more. I can truly say that Reotta did not forget that, allowing me to express myself my way…and made sure Kenny enjoyed it as well.

Oh, so the blog is supposed to be about them you say? What about the love of Reotta & Kenny you ask? I’ll let the photos tell that story…

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