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It’s amazing when love finds it’s counterpart in it’s perfect match.

I’ve always had my theory on what the definition of what true love is. True love is a one way street, flowing from you and your heart, and going out. The joy is in the feeling that it causes you, so even if you don’t receive it back, you’re just happy to be able to feel about that person as you do. Give to that person as you can. And become a better person because of how you feel about the person. That crazy, obsessive, and “what can you match me with” feeling most people have isn’t love, it is the desire to be loved. A powerful feeling as well, but not true love.

But when you have true love inside of you, and you find someone that has true love for you, it is as close to perfection as we will ever get in this lifetime.

McKellia & Tyrell have that, and so much more. They have each other. They have the adorning of family and friends. And they have strong, traditional roots. So it was only right that their wedding became a gathering of love, family, and friends. And on November 19, 2016, they did just that. From the moment their eyes met as McKellia walked down the aisle, it was a celebration for the rest of the night. And they lived! At many weddings the couple become consumed with the agenda and don’t truly experience their day, but these two lived every minute of it. And we were able to document it all.

To McKellia & Tyrell, the new Mr. & Mrs. Theriot…never forget the night you owned. And always remember it is yours until the end of time

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