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"Your Alternative To The Norm."

Love is unique. Love is special to each individual that shares it….yeah, SO cliche!!! Most hear that, and immediately think, “yeah right! What can be sooo different about romantic love?” And to be truthful, so many are right. All the key components exist: commitment, affection, honeymoon period in the beginning, few fights every now and then, let’s hold hands…and every so often, let’s do our “prom pose” and show the world how much in love we are. Then again, what makes love unique shouldn’t have to always be on display for the public to see, should it? Maybe what makes it so unique is kept personal between the two who share it. Well…Ashleigh and Yancey CLEARLY missed this memo!!! I remember on our session, watching how they interacted and thinking, “I need to make sure I don’t take up too much of their time because I KNOW they can’t wait to get back alone with each other.” Soon, they will be one, but that is not stopping them from merging together now. It is refreshing to see lovers who are not afraid to show the world why they love each other so much…

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