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What is confidence?

It is defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. But being a woman, appreciation of self can often become difficult. The same ones who generalize and speak on what others should believe in for themselves, are often also the ones most critical and judgmental on someone’s self image. The one’s closest to us generally have the most to say, and when you feel the weight of negativity, sometimes they unintentionally pile on more, being more burden than comfort.

Autumn is strong. No, not because of the countless hours that she puts into the gym to perfect and tone her body. She is strong because despite the judgments, criticisms, and struggles of being not just a woman, but a mother, she holds her head high and perseveres. But even the strong can feel low, even the mightiest of us can reach our burn out, and it all becomes too much. But in that moment, where she questioned herself, before she lost the faith in her worth, she came to me and allowed herself bear it all, shamelessly, fearlessly.

And she left with the resounding truth and affirmation. Opinions don’t matter, only her opinion of her self, only her self-confidence. She is Delicate. But she is also Dangerous

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