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Things don’t always go as planned.

For years, each year it snows in Baton Rouge it has been a dream of mine to create SOMETHING in the snow. Snow is rare in this region, so to get to utilize something unique like that is an artist’s dream. But somehow, something ALWAYS goes wrong, and I end up being that kid looking out the window watching everyone have fun, and watching as the opportunity passes me up. And this time was no different…

But what exactly is a plan?

A plan is nothing more than a thought out expectation. More of a rough draft than a blueprint. Plans can change, and even still provide the desired outcome. Opportunity, joy, and experience does not just fall into our laps. Yes, they happen sometimes and when they do it is an overwhelming feeling. But sometimes, most times, these things come to us only after we go out and MAKE it happen.

Understanding that, it becomes apparent that a plan is always changeable. And even when your plans don’t seem to be going your way, if you stay focused on your goal, your target, your dream, you will find the slightest opportunity to realize that dream and live in that moment you truly desired.

Yes, we missed snow day. But we were granted an opportunity with an extra day of remaining snow, and I was not about to miss that. I remembered my goal was to create in the snow, not specifically have it be on the actual snowing day. My vision was to utilize the moment, and it’s ok that it was not perfect, the experience and memory became perfect to me, and that’s what truly mattered.

It didn’t go as planned, but I was ecstatic to experience it. And THAT is the memory I will never forget

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