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Things may never be perfect, but love always is. And when you have love, even the ugliest things are made beautiful once you’re inserted in.

In no way has this Louisiana weather been predictable lately. One day it’s hot, then it’s cold, then it’s summer…hell, the inconsistency is killing me!! So I’ve been nervous about scheduling engagement sessions lately because I just never know what it’s gonna be! When I checked the weather report for this day, it read sunny, so I trusted scheduling an outside session. Little did I know that the weather would get the last laugh. Heavy winds…overcast skies…slight rain. I had no idea how my couple would take it.

Then Wren’nel & Damion arrived, dressed ready to own the day, and I knew all would be perfect.

Isn’t that a beautiful representation of love, to plan it to perfection, arrive to it with doubt, but yet pursue and have the faith that it will all be perfect. We often begin a relationship, when no one thinks it is possible for us or our lover. History says it won’t work. Experts count us out. Yet we push forward because we are determined to make our love work, and declare to everyone else that we will not be deterred or change. And when it works out, the skies open up, and we continue forward with joy and bliss. What was supposed to be a gloomy day turned into one of the most beautiful days, and I shared it with two beautiful people.

Very few things are perfect in this world. Love is

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