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Time only makes the desire grow more.

In life, we all have a tend to procrastinate on the things we want. No, not the things that are easily within our grasp, we reach out and snatch those with the quickness before they drift away from us. I’m talking about the things that require a leap of faith. The things that require a little more effort than what keeps us comfort. I’m talking about the things our eyes and mind tells us to we want, but our hearts tell us to be cautious. These are the things that only plague our mind with utter and painful anticipation until we finally give in to the decision we knew we would make all along.

Such was the process leading up to Victoria’s Bedroom Eyes session. For 2 years she put it off. The interest was there. The desire was strong. But it was always something. Timing was off. Moment wasn’t right. Couldn’t justify the occasion. Felt selfish doing it for herself. It was always something or someone pulling her away from what she dreamed of for herself.

And then she decided to live the life she imagined.

Victoria, after years of waiting signed up for our marathon back in December. She knew I was going to question her, hell, if you know me you know WHY I would, but for the moment, I decided to let her get a pass (sort of). I knew she wanted to test the waters. To see the fit. I knew this was her plan. But that’s not what I am here for. We LIVE Dangerously Delicate. It isn’t just our brand, it’s our way of life. If you come to my experience to be comfortable, then my goal is to not just have you step out of your comfort zone, but I’m pushing you out of it. Normal is a setting on a dryer. Normal is boring. I don’t do normal.

The more we went through her set, the more I could see her get out of her own way. I saw her finally dive into her mind, live out her fantasies through the camera, and embrace her experience wholly. She wasn’t concerned about the responsibilities of her job. She didn’t care about her own doubts (but in actuality she’s quite cocky so THAT was never an issue…smiley face). It didn’t matter what others thought of her or would think if they saw this. All that mattered is she was accomplishing what she said she truly wanted to. And for that, she couldn’t help but smile.

Here stood a woman, full of imagination for years, finally living them out and enjoying every minute of it. There was no time to question what took so long as the experience was worth the wait. There was no concern of missing anything because all of her longings were pouring out. There was no worry on how they would turn out because she allowed herself to get out of her own way and she felt even more beautiful because of it.

So it came time to ask the question. Why wait for the marathon, to share your day with others, on what you have desired for so long. And she told me this…you always test the waters before enjoying a big swim. And assured me she was coming back for so much more, sooner than I could imagine because she enriched that it feels like an addiction she must feed again.

Who am I to argue with that…

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