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I love shapewear!

It has literally become one of my favorite lingerie pieces. In my effort to promote that boudoir is more than just exposure, bras, and panties, a few years ago I took it upon myself to look into what all encompasses the word lingerie. And when I stumbled across shapewear, I knew I struck gold. The diversity and limitless applications it embodies is unending and allows so much creativity, while masking any and all things unwanted.

I stress that boudoir is for every woman, and shapewear is the all woman attires. For the mother who feels their children have done a number on their body. For the woman who feels her body is voluptuous, yet beautiful, but afraid of if everyone else will see it that way. To the woman who struggles to get rid of those last few pesky rolls. Shapewear allows you to show off your curves and best features, while concealing what you’re not the most comfortable with.

Amanda was a doll to shoot. Initially she was nervous, but after a bit of guidance she gave in and relaxed to the experience. The rest…well, her images tell the story

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