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In November, I attended a conference in New Orleans for Boudoir Photographers all around the country, with the intent of growing my craft, improving and refining my skills, and shaping my business focus. What I didn’t count on, however, was meeting some of the most amazing people.

One of those people, is Manda, a photographer who reached out to me before the conference, with a desire to have her boudoir shot by me.

Let me first start by saying to be selected to photograph another photographer is an honor in itself. Photographers are very picky and critical of every photo looked at. Let me rephrase that, we ANALYZE every photo we come across, from your excessively filtered instagram selfie, to the professional work of others. So to be selected by another photographer means my work not only stood out from others, but represents the vision that the photographer sees for themselves. It’s a privilege of the highest honor.

But what makes Manda so special to me is her complete buy in to our new Dangerously Delicate campaign (see our next blog in 2017…smiley face). She epitomizes the exact woman that we aim for. Over her lifespan she accompanied so many roles, worker, employee, business owner, wife, family nurturer, entrepreneur, and so many more that she lost what her femininity meant to her. She wears so many hats that she lost the confidence in just being bare. She has to be responsible for so much that she felt there was no time to cater to herself.

And then she chose me.

I remember as we began, she was nervous, shy, reserved. But that isn’t the woman who I was sitting in classes with, who was so engaged during sessions. I remember asking her about it, and she told me that she was concerned about her appearance, and wondered how it would turn out. And I knew instantly, this was no longer about the photos, it was about the experience for her. Because she long stopped believing in her own beauty. She was just existing. And I knew I had to bring her back to life, and I was the ONLY one who could. So as we finished shooting, I showed her the images on camera…and it happened.


I watched her eyes brighten, I saw life return to them. And the most amazing happened. As she began to embrace herself and all she felt…she shed a tear. Then more tears. And they continued to flow because she realized a dream, and proved to herself she was still desirable, still beautiful, still worthwhile.


“I’m over the moon about (my images) Seriously. Thank you for giving me the confidence to say yes…”

The pleasure is all mine

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